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Leliel ?

leliel cover

Leliel is one of the tainted; some call her unclean. But in this realm, she is just trying to fit in and get on with her life. It’s just hard being of vampire and angel descent. Two sides fighting over one soul. Things are getting progressively worse as her Dark seems to be growing stronger along with her lack of control. Scared for her own safety and more so for those around her, she will do anything to have that part of her ripped out.

Gens, a species of old magic that specializes in genetic manipulation, may hold the key to the removal of her vampire side. But they are tricky and are never to be trusted.Can the Angel who was sent to watch over Leliel manage to convince her to accept herself? Both the Light and the Dark are part of who she is. Can he prove to Leliel that she is not a monster and is worthy of being loved before it’s too late?

Leesa Birch – A dark fantasy author… | The Lake Dweller Series |Designed by Christel Michiels - Darkyria Design